Acupuncture Treatments

What to expect ?

At your first treatment you will asked about past medical history and your presenting complaint.
All information will be kept completely confidential. You do not have to disclose any information that you do not wish too.
Body, tongue, and pulse diagnosis plays a massive part in diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. So I will ask to have a quick look at your tongue, take feel your radial pulses and feel your tummy. This will take place whist you are you relaxing on the treatment bed.

Mid Sussex Acupuncture - acupuncture treatment

Please wear loose clothing so that acupuncture points can be accessed easier. Once a diagnosis has been made, thin, fine, sterile needles will be used, these will be disposed of after treatment. Needle retention is normally 20 minutes. I will talk you through the whole process and inform you of where the needles will be placed. Moxibustion and cupping are sometimes used alongside your treatment.

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese therapy. It consists of burning dried mugwort. Moxa is placed on top of the inserted needle or applied using a moxa stick close to the skin surface to provide heat and warmth . The purpose of this is treatment is to encourage healing by stimulating and improving the circulation of the flow of Qi.

Mid Sussex Acupuncture Moxa
Mid Sussex Accupuncture - Cupping

Dry Cupping

Cupping therapy is an alternative treatment where special cups are placed on your skin to create suction. This can help increase blood circulation to the area where the cups have been placed. It can help with many purposes, including the easing of back, neck, shoulder pain, headaches and much more.


Acupuncture Treatment £45
Duration: 60 minutes
Dry Cupping Treatment £30
Duration: 40 minutes
Discounts are available to students and anyone over 65 years of age.
Payment options: Debit/Credit card, Cash

Course of treatment

Acupuncture – a course of treatment can vary as every individual case is different, but at least 4-5 treatments are recommended and then regular follow up treatments may be suggested.

Can’t recommend Lucy and her fantastic, beautiful treatment room enough. I’ve had such an amazing experience with my treatment of acupuncture. The results for me have been life changing!!!! I’ve never had acupuncture before, and Lucy made me feel so relaxed and is extremely professional.

Kerry in Burgess Hill